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    • Leon Lee

      The Group CEO and Founder of Zeon Properties Group

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    About Leon Lee

    Mr. Lee Toong Leon (PKT, PJK), popularly known as Leon Lee, is the Group CEO and Founder of Zeon Properties Group, a new-age integrated property and infrastructure solutions provider. Since its establishment in the year 2010 as a real estate agency, Zeon Properties has been offering the best opportunities for clients to invest, sell, or lease residential and commercial properties in the market.

    The company has grown from strength to strength under the shrewd leadership of Lee. He has set a new benchmark in the real estate industry with some of the most outstanding, bold, creative and unique approaches towards branding. He managed to turn heads with some of the most hip and swanky promotional strategies such as the organizing of the annual Penang Waterfront Countdown, Asean Tourism & Fashion Fair, Merdeka 100-Car Convoy, Gymkhana Street Racing, Penang’s Largest World Cup Outdoor Big Screen Viewing, the City Of Dreams Run, Penang Sonkran Water Festival, and many more.

    Lee is well known for his distinctive and eye-catching style in property marketing and brokerage. He is also constantly being invited as a sharing speaker in various property related forums around the nation and the South East Asian Region, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, and many more. Today, Lee’s direction has brought the company to become its own property fair organizer and even initiated its very first development project together with Ewein Zenith Sdn Bhd known as the City of Dreams. He as a great visionary has steered the company to the horizon and beyond, achieving milestones after milestones.

    Early Life And Education

    Lee began his early education in Pin Hwa Primary and advanced to Chung Hwa Confucian High School Penang. He was a huge fan of sports and school clubs, and hence was a member of over 10 associations back then. He was voted as President, Chairman or Captain to spearhead many of them, as he showed great leadership even at a tender age.

    Due to his active lifestyle, his expenses was naturally higher, hence he needed to find extra income. At that time he knew that technology was the upcoming trend, and for that it became his intention to learn ICT. He started to look for part time job in computer service centres, to work in exchange for some pocket money and an opportunity to acquire ICT skills in exchange. Thereafter he started to help in the restoration of computers in school library. His intelligence and skills have gained a certain level of trust from the teachers and fellow students, thus they started engaging him to service their personal computers, and from there he founded Zeon Computers after graduating from secondary education.

    Lee enrolled into a college to further his education where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (Hons), from Northumbria University, UK. At that stage he was already an ardent believer of the power of connections and network. He knew that one’s resources would directly determine one’s level of income. While he was still studying, Lee joined American multi-level marketing company Nu Skin Enterprises, followed by Tiens Group, and then Omega Trend, all of which he thrived as the top sale and top leader of his groups, leading his teams to various awards and reward tours. He was also one of the youngest top speakers around.

    After graduating he expanded his ICT business from 1 outlet to 7 outlets in the Northern Region. He even set up 2 more companies which were a software programming company “Unieksoft” and IT parts and accessories company “Cebiz Distribution”. Lee eventually sold his businesses to a public listed company DIS Technology Holdings Bhd.

    Zeon Properties Group

    Lee is the founder and Group Chief Executive Office of Zeon Properties. Zeon is a property agency which maximizes investment value for all stakeholders at every stage of the property value chain. Zeon’s global reach and understanding of property developed over half a century of market cycles enable us to achieve the best property and infrastructure outcomes for all stakeholders. With capabilities that span the entire property value chain, from the origination of opportunities through to the delivery of great property and infrastructure outcomes, Zeon could offer investors and clients end-to-end solution.

    Zeon maximizes investment value for all stakeholders at every stage of the property value chain. Zeon has the expertise to source the best property and infrastructure opportunities, structure the strategies and work with its investment partners to fund investment opportunities. Zeon is equipped with the expertise to deliver on these opportunities, developing, designing, and constructing innovative and sustainable property solutions, with the capability to manage these properties to enhance their value over time.

    Zeon’s marketing sales force adds up to around 400 strong, 250 locally and 150 across our global offices. The company’s expertise spans a range of sectors including residential, retail, commercial, retirement, industrial, health care, social infrastructure, and education, creating innovative and sustainable property solutions delivering maximum benefits to clients, investors and communities. Over the years Zeon has been serving corporate clients such as Ewein Zenith, IJM Land, Sime Darby, E&O Group, Setia Group, Mah Sing Group, Ideal Property Group, Belleview Group, Aspen Group, and many more.

    Zeon Group incorporates a multitude of subsidiaries and branches, namely Zeon Properties Sdn Bhd, ExpatsRelo Sdn Bhd, Zeon (MM2H) International Sdn Bhd, Zeon Land Sdn Bhd, Zeon Online Sdn Bhd, Zeon Computer (M) Sdn Bhd, Zeon Mortgage Sdn Bhd, Zeon Properties Penang, Zeon Properties KL, Zeon Properties Singapore, Zeon Properties Hong Kong, Zeon Properties Taiwan, Zeon Properties China and Zeon Properties Indonesia.

    Currently Zeon Properties Group is also the exclusive partner of the prestigious Star Property Fairs, as well as the Co-Organizer of the Guang Ming Property Fair. Under Lee’s astute management Zeon has become the preferred marketing arm for more than 15 exclusive projects in Malaysia, and the best solution provider for foreign direct investment, international project marketing, retail planning and consultancy, real estate investment advisory, property development and management, and even the Malaysia My Second Home project, from there transforming the company into a leading real estate companies in the northern region today.

    Other Ventures

    In 2010, Lee co-founded Hairstory International Sdn Bhd, a new-age hair saloon based on the concept of affordable high end hairstyling, cosmetology and personal image consultancy. Currently with 10 branches, Hairstory believes in providing best services right from the beginning to the end. The company upheld a noble policy which emphasizes that the best of all services incorporates not only the skills of the stylists nor the latest of trends over the world, but to offer a holistic satisfaction to customers from that special sense. Hairstory was subsequently became a winner of 23 awards, and was also selected as one of the Top 10 hair salons in the country.

    Lee is the Founder and Deputy Chairman of Auto Mall Penang, and also the co-owner of Macau Street Restaurant, Iyara Thai Cuisine, Wine I Love You, Levels Penang, My Favourite Place, and The Bank Penang.

    Honours And Awards


    Northern State Liaison Deputy Chairman

    Lee has been awarded the following honours:

    Chairman of Young Entrepreneur Commitee

    ASEAN Retailer-Chains & Franchise Federation (ARFF) 2017- 2020

    Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal carrying the title Pingat Jasa Kebaktian (PJK) by Penang State Governor Tun Dato' Seri Utama Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas

    Awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal Pingat Kelakuan Terpuji (PKT) by Penang State Governor Tun Dato' Seri Utama Haji Abdul Rahman bin Haji Abbas

    Incumbent Penang State Chairman of Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (Young Entrepreneur Section), and Penang State Director.

    Incumbent Deputy Chairman of National Young Entrepreneur Committee.

    Honorary Penang State Advisor of Malaysia Entrepreneurs’ Development Association (PUMM)

    Founder, and Organizing Chairman of the Top 50 Enterprise Awards Malaysia 2007

    Incumbent Deputy Chairman of ASEAN Retail-Chains & Franchise Federation (ARFF) Northern State Liaison

    Incumbent Vice President of Penang’s Fort Cornwallis 1786 by Ewein Bhd

    Founder & Incumbent Deputy President of Automall Penang

    Business Network International (Success Chapter) Chairman – 2009-2010

    Junior Chamber International - United Penang President 2008

    Invited Speaker at an event in Singapore by SP Setia to talk about “Why invest in Malaysia and Penang”.

    Invited Speaker at The Star Property Fair

    Invited Speaker at Guang Ming Property Fair

    Featured in an article by Wall Street Select

    Featured in an article by Digital Journal


    Lee has received several awards for his achievements:

    “Asean Outstanding Business Award 2016 – Asean Master Class Award for Property Excellence”

    “McMillan Woods Global Awards - Outstanding Young Entrepreneur of The Year 2013”, (Award presented by Richest Woman In The World Ms Georgina Hope Rinehart)

    “Action International Business Coaching Club - Action Man Award 2007”

    “King Scout Association of Malaysia - Malaysia King Scout Award 2000”

    “ASEAN Outstanding Business Award (AOBA) – Master Class Award In Property Excellence 2016”

    “InPenang Award 2017 – Penang Top Developer (Northern Region) Award”

    “KWYP Dr.Sun Yat-Sen Enterprise Award”


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